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Group Seminars and Individual Training Available

Learn how to control what is seen on the Internet about you, your company and/or your brand.

We offer group seminars or individual training in the following areas:

  • Monitoring
    • Other Web Sites
    • Blogger Mentions
    • News Sources Mentions
    • Social Media Mentions

  • Social Media Usage:
    • Picking Platforms to Use
    • Organizing Participation
    • Push/Pull Marketing Relationship
    • How to Grow Your Numbers
    • Managing a Consistant Voice Across Muliple Platforms
    • Optimizing for Appearance When Someone Looks

  • Blogging
    • Reviewing Various Platforms
    • How to Write Campaigns and Schedules
    • Optimizing for Appearance When Someone Looks

  • Crisis Management
    • Putting a Plan in Place for Action
    • Rules for Responding to Crisis
    • Internal Security vs 100% Transparency

Let us know what you need and we will do a customized program for you.

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