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  Basic Internet: What Are The Parts of a Website Address

What Are The Parts of a Website Address

As far as computers go a website address is actually read from right to left starting with the ending like ".com"

So let's take my website www.internetimagemanagement.com and break it down.


".com" is a "top level domain". Some addresses end in ".org" or even ".gov" and more. The idea was that the top level domain was supposed to give you an idea of the website like so:

  • ".org" non-profit
  • ".com" a commercial organization
  • ".gov" a government organization
  • ".edu" an education institute
  • ".us" somewhere in the USA
  • ".fr" somewhere in France (each country has one)
  • and so on...


In most cases here in the US, you can purchase the next level; in the example above "internetimagemanagement" is the second level domain and one I bought.

You can buy anything you want in .com and .org (and some others) as long as somone else hasn't bought it already. Other restrictions, only letters, numbers and the dash (-). No spaces and you can't start or end with a dash. You can have up to 64 characters.

There are other rules for some of the top level domains, like you need to be in France to buy something.fr.


Once you own a domain (in my case the second level domain) you can put anything you want in front of it as far as the third level domain.

You aren't required to use "www" which was a trend started in the beginning of the Internet (and stood for world wide web) and is just sort of expected now, but in no way mandatory. I could have made my site website.internetimagemanagement.com, the problem being, people won't remember it as easily.


You can go up about 127 levels but the total lenth of the full domain can't exceed 253 characters (at this time).

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